Class of 1970 visits the Hartford Current

Field trip Mrs. Ward's 6th grade class take a field trip to the Hartford Courant offices on November 6, 1963.

Front row: Skip Hurley. 2nd row: Bette Monnes. 3rd row: Richard Marshall. Bill Taylor. 4th Row: Bud McDowell, Ray Brainerd (Face hidden). 5th row: Pete Johnson, David Butler, Bernie Centofanti. 6th Row: Paul Monnes, Harold Huntley. 7th row: Lexie Chalko, unknown (Dan Mussen?), Jerry Seagrave, Mark Roy, John Miller, Jay Frederickson (in doorway). 8th row: Janet Kerpchar, Kathy Kowalewski. 9th row: Nancy Crooks. In the window on right: Pam Messer, Diane Sergi.

70's Scrapbook