Sheehan / Sullivan / Warner Family

First generation (Children of James & Gertrude Sheehan)

Robert '62

Donald '64 (Navy)

Thomas '69

Joy '70

Holly '73

Donald would have graduated in 1964.
Not shown: James, John, and Jane did not attend Cromwell Schools

Second generation (children of Jane Sheehan and James Sullivan)

Lynne '77

Pamela '78

Gary '79

Tina '80

Sheila '89 Vinal
Lynne married Gary Daniels '76

Second generation (children of James Sheehan)

John 89 (Xavier)

James '94

Thomas '94

Second generation (children of Joy Sheehan)

Dawn Warner '89

Third generation (children of Sheila Sullivan)

Mikayla Robinson '16

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