..ooO}--Class of 1979 - fourth Grade - Miss Nigro--{Ooo..

Back Row:

Janet Trott - (unidentified 1) - Stephen Luistro - Kirk Fletcher - Robert Ciarleglio - Patricia Yerrington - Elaine Hoog

Third Row:

Susan Markowski - Lisa Thompson - Cathy Debarge - Kenneth Norman - Paul Marchinkowski - Mark Gliwa - Edward Kelley - Douglas Dunham - Terri Jacobson - Roger McAuliffe - Miss Nigro.

Second Row:

(unidentified 6) - Karen Kopec - Barbara Taylor - Alan Chamberlain - Diane Branciforte - Karen Rogala - Janet Schmalt

Front Row,

Gary Sullivan - Michael Amenta - (unidentified 11)

From Alan Chamberlain:

I hope all is well during these trying times. I can confirm/verify several students in question in Miss Nigro's 4th grade class.

3rd row: I can confirm correct listings for Douglas Dunham, Terri Jacobson, and Roger McAuliffe. These are correct.

4th row: Unidentified #8 is me, Alan Chamberlain, and #9 is Diane Branciforte I do believe.

I hope this helps. I can't begin to tell you how much I missed graduating with all of you. Moving away after my sophomore year was not my choice by far. I think of you guys quite often.

Sincerely, Alan Chamberlain

From Joanne Swift:

Just took a brief stroll down memory lane and I think I've identified a few faces for you.

1 Vanessa Reil?
2 tommy jordan
4 Jamie Grover
8 Kirk Fletcher
12 Lisa Thompson

it's Elaine HOOG (RIP)
4 Mark Gliwa (RIP)
10 Janet Schmalt

From Al Odoardi:

class of 79 Miss Nigro 4th grade.

 I've identified #2 as Kirk Fletcher, #3 as Paul Marchinkowski, and mostly sure that # 7 is Karen Kopec

Al (alfred Odoardi)

send identifications to :Susan Czaja