Particia Hill

Patty, Corbyn, and Makayla

I was married for eight years divorcing in 1983. I have raised three children - two daughters and a son - born in 1975,1978, and 1980. In 1993, I became a grandmother. I now have four granchildren - two girls and two boys. I currently have custody of my youngest grandson. He is five years old.

Patty's 2 daughters and grandson ------ my three children, Victoria, John Jr. , Bridget

Patty's older grandson, Michael and two granddaughters, Makayla and Brianne Victoria

Patty and grandson Corbyn ----- Corbyn ------------ Makayla, Brianne, and Corbyn

I have worked for the department of mental retardation since 1986. I had a house in Wethersfield but moved in with my parents when my mother was diagnosed with cancer . I cared for my parents until they passed away in 2003 and 2004. I am now selling their house and looking for an apartment.

I got the chance to go to Seaworld last year and it was incredible. I have not had much chance to travel while raising three children and a grandson.

I remain friends with and in contact with Deborah Dahlgren, Donna Hennessey, Joe Branciforte and Al Weston.

(information current as of March 2008)

(information updated September 2010)

my oldest grandchild Michael with his parents - Vicki and Jason

Patti and her 4 grandchildren

My younger grandson, Corbyn