Walter Balinski

(A family gathering. Left to right: Chelsea, Jonathan holding Talmage, Alex holding Noelia, Elizabeth holding Cameron, George Schroeder (Elizabeth's dad) holding Everett, Justin, Walter, Cyndee, Ashley holding Daniel, Timothy.)

An Overview of the Life of WEB since graduating from CHS in 1966

While I enjoyed CHS, I remember graduating as one of the happiest events of my life (thus far). I felt a sense of relief. Our class song', as I remember it, the main line "'We Gotta Get Out of this Place"' captured my feelings well.

In the fall of '66 I started college at the U.of Bridgeport as a philosophy major. I was motivated by the optimism and idealism that was captured in our CHS class motto: 'We Strive. We Seek. We Find.' After a year, I transferred to SCSC and majored in physical education because I was weary of thinking too much! But PE didn't provide enough mental stimulation so I changed again, transferring to CCSC and graduated in 1971 with a BA in Psych. and a concentration in Political Science. On campus I enjoyed a variety of activities including the bowling team, poetry editor of campus newspaper, psych. and ecology action clubs, Psi Chi. After college I floundered around for a awhile because a BA in psych wasn't going to get me the kind of counseling job I had wanted and I didn't want to continue school.

I worked as a night supervisor at Saint John's School for Boys in Deep River and then at a couple restaurants. I tried to start my own business selling Shaklee. I got involved in some local and national political campaign work.

During this time I considered going into the ministry. I had been involved in the youth group of my church and saw religion as a way to help people. I got a job as a Youth Director at Trinity United Methodist Church in New Britain. During this soul searching time that I was introduced to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. After a year of rather intense study and prayer, I was baptized in 1974. Since there is no paid clergy in my new found faith, I had to rethink my career plans. I had no problem with this because even before I became a Mormon I had realized that a paid clergy was not scriptural.

I tried retail for awhile and then worked as a mental health worker. From Dec.76 to Nov.78 I served as a missionary in Texas. Upon my return I married Cynthia Rich from NH for time and all eternity in the Washington DC temple on December 12, 1978. We had met at a church dance three years earlier and wrote each other during my mission.

Jonathan Walter was born on Nov. 1. 1979, exactly four years from the day Cyndee and I met. He served as a missionary in Argentina and is graduating from Brigham Young University this Aug. with a masters in Information Systems. He married Chelsea in 2002. Chelsea had served a mission in Russia. They have Noelia, 3, and Talmage, 1. They have been living in Utah and will be moving to Wisconsin for Jonathan's job.

Justin Rich was born in 1981. He served a mission in Salt Lake City and is now working on getting a bachelor's degree from Utah Valley State College. Along the way he's become a helicopter pilot and a certified flight instructor, instrument rating. He married Elizabeth in 2004, and they have Cameron, 1, and

Everett, one month. Justin has just joined the Army National Guard that will help him with advancing his education and career. He loves to fly.

Our daughter Ashley was born in May of 1983, in UT while I was pursuing a MA in Communications at BYU. She graduated from BYU with a degree in elementary ed and then married Tim Shawcroft in 2003. They are living in Utah with a son Daniel, 1. Tim had served a mission in CA and is working while finishing his MS in electrical engineering.

(Elder Adam Balinski is the last on the right around the table - in Sweden.)

Adam Bryce was born in 1986 and graduated as valedictorian in 2005, from CHS - that's Concord (NH) HS. Adam is very athletic and at present he is serving a mission in Sweden. When he returns in September 2007, he will attend BYU.

Our youngest, Alex Ryan, will be attending BYU this fall. He has a great singing voice and while pursing a degree wants to develop this talent. His plan is to serve a mission in two years and then return to college.

I''ve been in sales and marketing for some years. I've enjoyed finding creative ways to promote a radio station (Middletown's old WCNX), cities, newspapers (New Britain Herald), car dealers, a historic building and a wide variety of other products and businesses. Every now and then I write poetry. I like puttering around the house and family time.

In the 27.5 years Cyndee and I have been married we've lived in Cromwell (Coles Rd.); UT; Coles Rd.; Excelsior Springs, MO; UT; Coles Rd.; Concord, NH (the longest, 11.75 years); and now UT for one last time (?). We like how things have gone for us. I have strived. I have sought. Yes, there have been some challenges that are common to all men and families but I am grateful for what I have found. How are you all?
September 2021

Besides having the opportunity to baptize all of my five children, I've had the privilege of baptizing others while on my mission back in 1977-78. Recently, on June 20th of this year, I baptized a good friend of mine at the Tipton Branch building in Tipton, Missouri.

( information as of June 2006, update September 2021)