Peter LaMonica
1947 - 2019

Peter Francis La Monica died at home on June 24, 2019. Born May 5, 1947 in Hartford, CT, Peter served in the Army, attended college, held a pilot's license, trained as a chef, enjoyed tennis, golf, photography, and was a seasoned world traveler.

He arrived in Palm Beach and worked a successful valet parking business, with a group of young men who became life long friends. With a compelling generous personality, amiable demeanor, a capacity and willingness to assist others, LonerFreeLance was his apt sobriquet. Peter was involved in all aspects of life in Palm Beach, working privately and selectively, he was also employed by the Bath and Tennis and Everglades Club.

He is predeceased by his parents, Dominic and Adrienne La Monica and brother, David. He is survived by his brother Donald, sister Cheryl, his wife Michele in West Palm Beach and his son Peter, a graduate student at the University in Florida.

Palm Beach Daily News - Jul. 7, 2019.